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Misty-Lynn Sanico

Role: Writer/Editor

Hometown: ʻEwa Beach, Hawaiʻi

I am a shameless bibliophile currently working for a private corporation in the background investigation and information security industry. Making cupcakes, dancing hula, and playing ukulele are a few miscellaneous past times. I am also a freelance writer and starting editor who loves collecting books.

My literary interests are varied–art, history, grammar, humor, mystery, fantasy–but I have a deep and stubborn love for fairytales and folktales. I have several projects in the works but I’m looking forward to making ‘Hawaii Book Blog’ a smashing success! I want this site to be helpful and entertaining but also provide insight into what makes our island’s literary culture so special and unique. Shaka for books!

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Alex Alba

Role: Editor/Site Administrator

Hometown: Salt Lake, Hawaiʻi

After months of coaxing, I became a full-time editor and webmaster for HBB in May 2009, and now love (almost) every minute of it. Aside from writing reviews, articles and book lists I also keep busy maintaining the Events Calendar and focusing on our Twitter account. E-MAIL ME YOUR EVENTS! 🙂

I’m a proud former employee of Aloha Airlines and you may notice it color a few of my posts in the past such as my reviews of Wings of Paradise and Stories of Aloha.

My book interests often fall along American and Hawaiian History, politics, law and philosophy. I’ll devour nearly any non-fiction book in my path but I am also a sucker for a good piece of fiction or a witty children’s book.

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  • Jeffers

    Hey I think this is so cool. It will motivate me to read books. I just thought of something I remember reading a local book entitled “Somewhere Under The Rainbow”. It was a book as well as a contest. It was supposed to be a treasure hunt. I tried to find it by following the clues in the book but never did figah em out. So I was wondering if there was a way that I could find out if anyone did find the treasure and what the treasure was.

  • Alex

    Love the site. 🙂

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