Looking for a last minute gift for Mom’s Day? Or perhaps a little something to include with a present–something extra to make it that much more special? Try this little book of photos and poetic inspiration by local author Mary Ursetta.

Reflections from the Heart is a thoughtful collection of words and Hawaii images that convey emotions and ideas we are all familiar with–love, sadness, comfort, friendship and understanding. Analogous to the pictures she uses of nature and our island landscape, Ursetta’s lyrical pieces are like individual snapshots of life and how it moves and changes. Some poems reflect wisdom, some reflect hope, some are playful, and some tell you to reach for your dreams… or reach for a loved one, no matter how far away they both may seem.

You can find this book at Native Books/na Mea Hawai‘i at Ward Warehouse, Island Treasures in Koko Marina Center, or Hallmark stores.

Follow Mary Ursetta on Twitter for updates on the book and her other work.

I had the privilege to meet Mary at the Hawaii Book and Music Festival last weekend. We spoke about our mothers and a mutual love for local literature. She was very kind and bubbling with positivity so it was not a surprise that her poems were just as insightful.