If there’s anything we love more than books here at HBB, it’s books on sale! And you don’t necessarily have to lurke around used book stores or wait for the Friends of the Library of Hawaii annual booksale to get a good deal. No, sometimes you can get brand new books at discounted prices straight from the publishers.  You just gotta check their websites often for overstock or sale announcements. But no worries, HBB is always on the prowl so we can give you the low down on great bargains.

We mentioned earlier that Bess Press is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary with a whole list of it’s popular titles on sale starting at just a dollar!

And now, University of Hawaii Press is having a summer sale with FREE shipping! It’s the perfect opportunity for mainland locals and Hawaiians at heart to purchase books. Bubt it gets even better from now until Jun 8th not only will they ship your books for free but you also get 30% off.  Check it out here!

Want some recommendations? Try, An Offering of Rice by Mavis Hara or The Legend of La’ieikawai by Dietrich Varez. Wanna grab something for the kids? I really like Maui Goes Fishing by Julie Stewart Williams and illus. by Robin Yoko Burningham–beautiful illustrations and a well told story that the keiki will enjoy.

There was also a post on UH Press’s book blog that they will be having a sale 40% off their books in July! But sadly no free shipping….