We had a great time this past Saturday at the Daughters of Hawaiʻi 6th Annual Book Day.  We came early at the start of the day (10:00 a.m.), so we only got to speak with and talk to the authors and illustrators who were there for the early shift.  We met a lot of great people and were happy to make those extra connections with new authors.

Some of the writers, illustrators, and creators we met included Jason Kimura (The Queen’s Medical Center), Fran Dieudonne (A Biography of Theodore A. Vierra, AIA), Richard Tillotson (Acts of God While On Vacation), Tony Clapes (Tropica), Tony Gonzalez (Collision Course), Tammy Yee (On Vacation With Tūtū), Ellie Crowe (Hōkū the Stargazer), Jennifer Fixman (Phonics Time with Miss Jenny and Friends!), Jan and Judy Dill (Kai the ʻOpihi Gets the Point), Alice Inoue (A Loving Guide to These Shifting Times), Joseph Kennedy (The North Shore of Oʻahu), and Mary Haunani Cesar (Flowers of Hawaiʻi).

Please enjoy this photo gallery we took from the event.  If you didn’t attend, for shame!  This event was a great opportunity to meet a wide variety of writers, purchase a wide assortment of books at discount prices, and help benefit the upkeep of the Queen Emma Summer Palace.  So, make sure you come next year!

*NOTE:  Sorry about the weird double-photo glitch.  If you want to view the pictures with the captions, please use the navigation arrows at the bottom of the photo when you first click on a pic  (with the grayed-out background).  As soon as you click anywhere else on the picture, it will close the grayed-out gallery and the “second gallery” will be open (with the white border).  You can also view the gallery this way, but there won’t be any captions.  To go back, click the “X” at the top-right of the white-bordered photo to go back to the post, and just click on any picture again to view them with the captions.  I apologize for the confusion, I haven’t had the time to look into figuring out how to get just one gallery (with captions) to show.  Mahalo.