boookscopyWrite it in your calendar now, before you forget!

Block off June 20th through June 28th as “BOOKED” because that’s what you’ll be.  Yep, it’s that time of year again! Time for the annual book sale hosted by the Friends of the Library of Hawaii. Nine whole days of book rummaging, great deals and literary steals, all for a good cause. This annual fundraising event is a must go for any book lover. Check out HBB’s recap from last year here.

This years sale is especially important; with the state budget deficit and impending library closures it is imperitive that funds be raised and circulated into our public library system. Hawaii State Public Libraries host many free programs and events in the community so spread the word folks, let’s keep our libraries open– buy books!

Event Information

Jun 2oth–Jun 28th

McKinley Highschool Cafeteria

Check out their website for a schedule/ hours of operation. You can also make donations or fill out memberiship and volunteer applications.