You don’t have to be a part of the Jewish community in order to cook and enjoy kosher foods. To help, Maui resident Danit Schusterman brings us a unique new cookbook, Maui Kosher-Quick and Easy Recipes (Mutual Publishing, 2011).

The recipes in Schusterman’s book are easy to prepare and clearly explained. There are icons at the bottom of each recipe for skill level (easy, simple and very easy) plus serving size, prep time and cook time. You can easily find something quick to make without having to read the entire recipe or ingredient list. Each recipe is also accompanied by a color picture, which I always find helpful in persuading me to try cooking it. Yummy pictures are always a plus.

Danit is very active in the Maui Jewish community and the book’s introduction explains how she often has to cook big meals in a short amount of time for a multitude of friends and family during Jewish holidays. She’s managed to collect recipes that balance the kosher needs of food preparation with a modern schedule. These dishes are great for large groups!

What I really like about this cookbook is how each page has a note regarding something specific to Maui’s agriculture and products related to the recipe. It really is “Maui Kosher”.

“Scallions, also known as spring onions are grown in Kula, Maui. Tom & Shirley Watanabe of Watanabe Processing Inc. are third generation farmers who began growing green onions over thirty years ago…”

Even if you’re familiar with cooking kosher, Danit’s quick tips for using fresh ingredients and prepackaged goods is bound to make things easier. And for those of us who are just beginning to understand what kosher cooking entails, Danit explains it very well and even helps you identify kosher brands and symbols when purchasing pre-made items at the store. This book certainly has a niche and fills a need. Two recipes that look absolutely divine are the pumpkin kugel and the potato knish!

*Danit Schusterman and her husband are directors for The Maui Mitzvah Center, a Jewish Out-Reach Organization that supports the local community and is also a wonderful resource for Maui visitors who practice the Jewish faith.

Maui Kosher-Quick and Easy Recipes
Mutual Publishing, 2011
ISBN Soft Cover: 1-56647-963-0

*Disclaimer: We received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for our honest review.