My apologies for not updating in awhile! I’ve been getting myself organized over the last few weeks and going through the mass of books I purchased at the Friends of the Library book sale. I did pick up a few tasty bits of reading-some fiction by local Japanese authors and a few children’s books as well. I plan to have some reviews up, reading suggestions, local bookstore visits, and event info posted soon.

Now, I’ll make amends… have you heard of Goodreads? It’s a fantastic resource for useful book reviews, and it’s fun (take a look at the never-ending book quiz to test your literary chops). It’s a social networking site for book lovers! Create your profile and show off your book lists, read special interviews with authors, review books and join discussion groups like Hawaii Book Blog! Check it out!

I did a preliminary search for different book titles/authors from Hawaii and was delighted to see many of them pop up. I was very interested in learning about which books from Hawaii resonated with people and what they liked about them. It’s also great to see real reader feedback, and not a journalistic review on many of the books. That kind of input is valuable for those with so many books and so little time! 😉