A few weeks ago, Misty received an e-mail from Lanning Lee about meeting up with a bunch of the young contributors from Bamboo Shoots who had been selected to be published in Bamboo Ridge Press‘ 100th issue.  The meeting, at Native Books / Nā Mea Hawaiʻi, was a round-table interview with Gary Chun of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser who wanted to feature these writers in a special article in the September 11 issue of the newspaper.  Misty, naturally, was thoroughly excited, and I was extremely proud of her.  The last time she was this excited was when she found out her Bamboo Shoot, “No laulau left for da locals,” would be published by Bamboo Ridge.

Well, that time has come.  The newspaper article came out today and is available in the Features section of both the print and online versions of the Star-Advertiser.  It’s a well-written column which highlights the great work Lanning Lee and the Bamboo Ridge people have done in making writing more accessible to public at large.  The Great Bamboo Ridge Fishing & Wishing 100-100 Online Contest is one of the best things going on right now in Hawaiʻi’s unique literary scene, and if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you checking it out.  The article also features, along with quotes from each of the writers, one of their winning entries from the online contest.  Be sure to read Misty’s 100-word short-short story “No laulau left for da locals.”

So, before it’s too late, go out and buy the Star-Advertiser’s special commemorative 9/11 issue; not only for the solemn coverage on the anniversary of September 11th, but to read about these young, talented writers and their excellent work.

You can view the article on StarAdvertiser.com (follow the link), although you need to be an online subscriber to the Star-Advertiser in order to view it.