In celebration of Kamehameha Day Native Books: Na Mea Hawaii is selling all books about Kamehameha the Great at 20% off for the entire month of June! Some favorites you might want to look at are Kamehameha the Warrior King of Hawaii by Susan Morrison and Breaking the Blood: Kamehameha Moves the Naha Stone by David Kawika Eyre.

It’s hard to read about Hawaii’s first king as just a man. Stories of his strength and determination have become legends in Hawaii. My favorite is about the Naha Stone, and how Kamehameha, despite being born of different blood, was able to move the giant rock. It’s a hero tale like those of King Arthur, and in fact they’re so strikingly similar that it’s almost eerie. Either way, reading up on Kamehameha the Great is a good experience for people of all ages and interests. Check out this article on for more info and links regarding the Naha Stone and legends of Kamehameha the First.