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Links for the period of August 15 – 28, 2013*

Self Love

-We review Douglas Corleone’s latest novel Good As Gone.

Hawaii Literary

-Manga exhibition announcement – Crossing Cultures: The Art of Manga in Hawaii.

-Russell Letson reviews Linda Nagata.

-Just a blanket statement: read Craig Santos Perez’s blog.

-Arthur Rath writes about ‘Menehune and Other Hawaii Fairies.’

-That great new novel from Mark Panek, Hawai’i, is now available on Nook!

-Learn from Big Island writer Mia King (aka Darien Gee) in one of her writing classes.

-Toby Neal shows us a gallery of readers and their favorite “Lei Crime” books.

-Coming soon from Legacy Isle: Today’s Thought a bio of Rev. Paul S. Osumi.

Lost Generations and four other great titles from UH Press will be available for $5 on their Five Dollar Friday sale.

-An interview with one of the patrons of Revolution Books Hawaii.

-Savant Books announces release of Daniel S. Janik’s newest “Color-Me-Please” children’s book.

General Literary

-Since 2009, more independent bookshops have open than closed. Find out why.

-Best-selling author Elmore Leonard passes away.

-The skimmer. The snob. The dominator. The most annoying people in your book club.

-Looking for a good book? Here’s the top ten book recommendation platforms.

-A big, beautiful mid-century map celebrating American folklore.

-zzzz…..Literature’s Top Ten Sleepers.

-James Scott Bell shares How to Write A Novel Readers Won’t Put Down.

-62 of the world’s most beautiful libraries.

-And here’s 12 of the best fictional libraries.

-Here’s some advice for bookstore customers…. “Open your eyes!

-Writer’s Digest asks, “Can you copyright an idea?

-The boob tube is looking more like the book tube: 10 new fall shows based on books.

-Five books to read when you need a good laugh.

Non-Lit Links

I Have a Character Issue. Anna Gunn answers the hate for her Breaking Bad character Skyler White. (tv)

-38 Problems Only People From Hawaii Would Understand. (hawaii)

The Civil War and Hawaii. (hawaii)

-Something is brewing in paradise: A history of beer in Hawaii. (hawaii/food)

-Burger lovers unite: The Ultimate Burger Recipes. (food)

Postcard returns to Kauai 106 years after it was sent. (features)

-Credit early Polynesians for ‘wave sliding.‘ (hawaii)

-History talks about the colorful history of Shave Ice. (food)

-10 Foods sold in the U.S. that are banned in America. (food)

Mapping America’s most noteworthy restaurant chains. Hawaii = Zippy’s, of course.

-This Bill Watterson Tribute has all the life wisdom you’ll ever need. (philo)

Seven WTF origins for iconic pop culture franchises. (pop)

Animal Video!

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