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Self Love

-It’s never the wrong time to buy books. For some ideas on books from local authors/publishers that came out this year, check out our special Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide. [HBB]

-Christmas Book Tree! Follow us on Instagram @hawaiireads if you haven’t already. [Instagram]

Hawaii Literary

-2 Honolulu small presses publish far-flung authors. [Star-Advertiser] (requires subscription)

-Shaped by Sugar. A quick review of Lihue Mill by Jan TenBruggencate. [Honolulu Weekly]

-John Berger: Journalist! Columnist! Author! His new book is Hawaiian Music & Musicians. [Midweek Hawaii]

-Ever wonder where fairies originated? Check out ‘Ubiquitous Fairy World’ on [MenehuneRATH]

-Priory Students ‘Write Like Wing Tek Lum’. [Bamboo Ridge]

-Article from the Hawaii Tribune-Herald talking about Big Island author Tom Peek and his latest novel Daughters of Fire (read our review). [Hawaii Tribune-Herald]

-Best-selling Author and Molokai Resident Mike Bond Releases New Book, Saving Paradise. [Hawaii Reporter]

-Savant Books Announces the Release of A. G. Hayes’ New Novel, The Judas List. [PRLog]

-“What ‘The Real Good’ Is” by local writer Arthur Rath. [Hawaii Reporter]

General Literary

-Books of the Year 2012. [the guardian]

-Best Books of 2012. [The New Yorker]

-11 Amazing Librarian Tattoos. [mental_floss]

-Best Sellers of 2012 in Books. [Amazon]

-And the Editors’ Choice for Best Books of 2012. [Amazon]

-Salon’s Ultimate Book Guide. [Salon]

-Books of the Year 2012: Fiction (and more). [The Independent]

-Best Books of 2012 from [The Economist]

-The Books We Loved in 2012. [The Atlantic Wire]

-And finally, a trip into the future. The Best Books of 2013? [Huffington Post]

Non-Literary Links

-Senator Daniel Inouye through Associated Press’ lens Part I. [Star-Advertiser]

-Wondering why the world didn’t end? Ask NASA. [NASA]

-The 12 Days of Criterion Christmas. Best Christmas films in the collection. [Criterion]

-World’s best interviewer, Nardwuar’s Best Hip-Hop Interviews of 2012. [RESPECT.]

-The Unanswered Questions, 2012 Edition. [Slate]

-The 25 Most Important GIFs of 2012. [UPROXX]

-13 New Year’s Resolutions Everyone Should Make. [Yahoo! News]

-Agree or disagree: The 10 Funniest Television Episodes of 2012. [UPROXX] [gn_divider /]

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