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-M.I.A. Summer Writing Sessions.  What’re you waiting for, sign up!  [HBB]

Hawaii Literary

-Birds of Paradise Book Reading and Signing by Christine Kitano.  [Urban Oahu – HNN]

-Professional Women’s Network is hosting a luncheon at the Oahu Country Club with author Kaui Hart Hemmings.  Early bird fees until July 16.  [PWNHawaii]

-Capturing ‘Georgia in Hawaii’ plus interview with the illustrator, Yuyi Morales.  [Kirkus Reviews]

-Hearing your writing voice in stillness.  By Big Island author Darien Gee.  [North Hawaii News]

-Reading Rainbows: At the Mānoa Public Library, the future is now.  [Honolulu Weekly]

-A culture’s family album: Hawaiian in Los Angeles.  [Examiner]

-Cover Contest for Soon to be Released Book by Kauai Author, Monika Mira.  [Kauai Family Travel]

-Monday Muse: Hawaii’s Poet Laureate.  Kealoha.  [Writing Without Paper]

Experience Pipeline (An Interactive Adventure Book).  Only $0.99 for your Kindle.  [Amazon]

-Hawaiian History and Historic Observations.  Includes some classic texts in HTML.  [Donch]

-Book Announcement: Passionate Friendship: The Aesthetics of Girl’s Culture in Japan.  [Shinpai Deshou]

-New religions in the land of the rising sun.  Review of Celebrity Gods: New Religions, Media, and Authority in Occupied Japan.  [Japan Times]

General Literary

-What to Read at the Beach, or: Get Your Red-Hot Summer Trash Right Here!  [NYT: The 6th Floor]

-Interactive Lord of the Rings timeline.  [LOTRProject]

-10 Quintessentially American Novels. [Flavorwire]

-Fans React to J.K. Rowling Book Cover: What Do You Think?  [Mashable]

-17 Famous Literary Characters Almost Named Something Else.  [mental_floss]

-Karen Thompson Walker’s Favorite ‘What If?’ Books: Book Bag.  [The Daily Beast]

-Writing in a Vacuum: Why Community is Essential to Writers.  [The Swivet]

-This abandoned Walmart has been reclaimed as a public library.  [grist]

-Unusual Words Used to Make Bold Graphics.  [Complex]

-The 20 Most Beautiful Children’s Books of All Time.  [Flavorwire]

-Intermission: Bookmark Surfs the Wave of Its Life (Video).  [GOOD]

-E-books offer much-needed way to make writing pay.  [SF Gate]

-Readers can’t survive on ebooks alone, says author Richard Russo.  [West Hawaii Today]

-Reviewing the Reviews: Reading all the media commentary on her book in one night, a journalist discovers something unsettling but valuable.  [Publishers Weekly]

-How NOT to get a job at a bookstore.  [Bookshelvers Anonymous]

-A whole new way of reading a bedtime story!  [Facebook]

Non-Literary Links

-Music lover John Book writes a fantastic post about his five favorite Hawaiian albums.  [Aloha Got Soul]

-Dropping Knowledge: Hawaiian Shirts.  [GQ]

-Flower Children on the North Shore of Kauai.  [Smithsonian]

-Lawson Station opens in Hawaii! The famous Japanese convenience store has opened their first conbini in the U.S.  [nonstop honolulu]

-The 25 Best Apps of 2012 So Far.  [Complex]

-LIFE celebrates the Bikini.  [LIFE]

-Human skin tones classified as Pantone colors.  [io9]

-The Hawaii Shakespeare Festival Lineup Announced.  [Broadway World]

-The Phantom Island of Brazil.  [big think]

-Daily Dose from Dr. Odd: Superbly Unusual and Beautiful Baseball Portraits.  [Ptak Science Books]

-Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial Grass Hut open for visitors at The Salvation Army in Hawaii.  [The Salvation Army]

-The early 1900s version of Photoshop involved lots of giant rabbits and corn.  [io9]

-Children’s author awarded £250,000 after botched laser eye surgery left her with blurred vision.  [Daily Mail]

-Vintage College Football Conference “Family Portraits”  [imgur] [gn_divider]

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