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*Links from June 13 – July 10, 2013

Hawaii Literary

-ELLE magazine review of Kristiana Kahakauwila’s sparkling debut story collection, This Is Paradise.

An American Girl in the Hawaiian Islands Earns AAUP Outstanding Rating

-Cool YouTube video of the Friends of the Library of Hawaii Annual Book Sale from this year.

-Surfing photographer Kirk Lee Aeder talking about the subject of his new bookChild of the Storm.

-Hiking expert Richard McMahon breaks down seven books for Oahu hikers. *requires subscription to Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Hawaiki chronicles hopes tied to Hokule’a. *requires subscription to Honolulu Star-Advertiser

-You can read a sample ofʻIkuwā: Voices of the Ancestors by Dana Melina Keawe here. Half of the proceeds from this book will go towards promoting Native Hawaiian Healthcare and a Natural Farming research center on Hawai’i island.

-Here is a recent interview with Sue Cowing, author of You Will Call Me Drog.

-New independent book release from Steven Yagyagan: Plantation Prince. Get Limited offer $4.00 savings with this code U44H9FHF.

-Darien Gee’s WRITER’S CORNER prompt of the week? Write about your first car.

-Also, Darien will be teaching some writing classes this fall. See how you can join here.

-‘Leche’ author Linmark lives his own ‘Manila Noir’ days.

-Find out why Toby Neal lawyered up against fan fiction. Or why writing what you don’t know is better.

-And a review of her novel Blood Orchids from A Million Kindle Books.

-Savant Books Announces the Release of Bellwether Messages – the 2013 Savant Poetry Anthology.

-Hawaiian super mom debuts humorous and thought provoking novel.

The Kennedy Half-Dollar by Mahree Moyle is a true crime story with a setting in Waikiki.

-Author from Hawaii pens a novel about foster care.

-Hawaii Reporter says Aloha, Lady Blue is one of the finest tropical thriller reads of the summer.

-Hawaii State Library Offers Centennial Anniversary Events in July.

-Local Playwright Tammy Hailiopua Baker to Host Playwriting Class at Kumu Kahua Theatre.

Lewis Carroll classics translated into Hawaiian.

General Literary

-Flavorwire ranks the 50 books everyone needs to read from 1963-2013. One “winner” each year, though honorable mentions are also included.

25 Books to Beach-Read this Summer.

12 More Weird Books that really exist.

-The Millions’ Most Anticipated: The Great Second-Half 2013 Book Preview.

-What Does Your Summer Reading Say About You?

14 Books To Read Before They Hit the Big Screen.

-VICE magazine recently stirred up some controversy by staging female author suicides in the name of fashion.

-Here are 10 literary restaurants for the hungry book nerd.

-Very important in emulating your idols: how to drink like your favorite author.

Clever Photoshopped Covers of Book Titles Missing a Letter.

-Best of Literary Google Doodles.

-Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch resigns.

-Top 10 Most Beautiful Places To Read Books.

30 literary quotes that just might get you laid.

Non-Lit Links

-Google is mapping Hawaii hiking trails!

-A closed letter from Patton Oswalt to himself on thievery, hecklers and rape jokes. Nice insight from an intelligent comedian. And if you like Oswalt and like movies, here’s his Top 10 Criterion titles.

-Is it time to change the name of the Washington Redskins?

-History nerds…One of the most important losers in American political history: William Jennings Bryan (audio).

-A map showing the “original meaning of place names” in North America.

-Here’s some fun things you may not know about 10 foreign languages.

-What about Hulk Hogan in Gremlins 2?! Here’s the 35 Best Movie Cameos.

-Loved Community, though the Harmon-less Season 4 was definitely lackluster. In Hate vs. Tolerate, I think I tolerated it, but hey at least Dan Harmon is back!

-*sigh* Game of Thrones is over but that doesn’t mean we can’t still discuss! Here’s 48 ‘out-of-character’ photographs to make you smile; and of course the very brilliant Season 3 infographics; discussion on if GoT finally answered where real power comes from; and the speculation for what Season 4 has in store.

-The best yearbook quotes and photos from the Class of 2013. That last one is a doozy.

-75th Anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre of 1937.

Simpsonized on Tumblr recently did Game of Thrones. Looks like they’re now on Breaking Bad.

12 proposed U.S. states that didn’t make the cut.

-The evolution of Superman in pop culture.

Animal Video

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