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Hawaii Literary

-A July Goodreads Giveaway for a newly released book from Watermark Publishing!  [Watermark Blog]

-‘Leaving a secure job to be a writer–is there a diagnosis for that?’ by the author of Blood Orchids.  [Toby Neal]

-Volcano Renshi Workshop: ‘Ama’uma’u Renshi.  [Bamboo Ridge]

-Short intro and a nice excerpt from Tom Coffman’s new biography about Edward H. Nakamura, I Respectfully Dissent.  [Honolulu Weekly]

-And here’s a review of I Respectfully Dissent from political writer Chad Blair.  [Civil Beat]

-“Appropriate” Uses for “Inappropriate” Words, or “Fuck” as a Literary Device.  From local writer Donald Carreira Ching.  [Bamboo Ridge]

-Interview With Sisters in Crime/Hawaii’s Dawn Casey.  [Gail M. Baugniet]

-Watermark Publishing’s July 2012 Newsletter.  [Constant Contact]

-The fourth volume in the Hannah Vogel series, A City of Broken Glass by Hawaii-based author Rebecca Cantrell, is now available!  [macmillan]

-Very nice promo video for Bear Woznick’s book Deep in the Wave.  [YouTube]

-In stores August 2012…pre-order Last Lawyer Standing,  the third book in the Kevin Corvelli legal thriller series.  [Douglas Corleone]

-A culture’s family album…promoting Hawaiians in Los Angeles from Arcadia Publishing.  [Examiner]

-Autograph copy of Toby Neal’s Blood Orchids is available.  [B2CHawaii]

-Meet Author of “The Kahuna and I” at Pearl City Library on July 22.  [Hawaii News Now]

General Literary

-Grammar Tips: 7 Words You’re Probably Misusing.  [Huffington Post]

-Pithy Literary Posters Perfect for Writers’ Salons.  [Flavorwire]

-17 Famous Literary Characters Almost Named Something Else .  [mental_floss]

-Writing Series: The Cliffhanger Dilemma.  [Pub(lishing) Crawl]

-Goodreads list: ‘Not Bestsellers Yet, but Readers Think They Should Be’.  [EW’s Shelf Life]

-25 Awesome DIY Ideas For Bookshelves.  [BuzzFeed]

-“Is This Meaningful Dialogue?” She Asked.  [Glass Cases]

-Is Kickstarter the #2 Graphic Novel Publisher?  [PW]

-The 13 Trickiest Grammar Hang-Ups.  [Writer’s Digest]

-The Book Truck: Mobile Library Hits Mexico City’s Streets.  [GOOD]

-The 50 Most Creative Bookcases.  [Complex]

-How a Shift in Your Vocabulary Can Instantly Change Your Attitude.  [Michael Hyatt]

-Famous Meals from Literature Captured on Film.  [Flavorwire]

-Block to 2K:  Writing Flow.  [Lindsay Smith]

-Karl Lagerfeld teams with Wallpaper for scent Paper Passion: The scent of of ‘freshly printed books’.  [NY Daily News]

-10 Famous Literary Characters Based on Real People.  [mental_floss]

-Texts from Jane Eyre.  [the hairpin]

-Borders closure leaves mark on downtown retail environment one year after bankruptcy.  [Ann Arbor]

-25 Bad Writer Behaviors.  [terribleminds]

Non-Literary Links

-An Appreciation: A trailblazin’ Kitty Wells.  [LA Times]

-At 100, Woody Guthrie Still Resonates.  [NPR music]

-The Fourteen Best Forgotten Woody Guthrie Covers.  [Riverfront Times]

-Spreading the ‘Five-0’ aloha…a new Hawaii Five-0 article by local writer Wendie Burbridge.  [Five-0 Redux]

-Emotional days in exile for Hawaiian princess.  [this is Kent]

-The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors:  Ending “Game of Thrones” (the HBO series).  [Pajiba]

-“Textured Lives: Japanese Immigrant Clothing from the Plantations of Hawai‘i” comes to Bishop Museum.  [Hawaii News Now]

-Analysis: Mickey, miniskirts and military changes signal Kim Jong Un leading NKorea in own way.  [Washington Post]

-Portals of Positivity to Your Home by Alice Inoue.  [Hawaii Renovation]

-40 Awesome Tributes to Breaking Bad.  [mental_floss]

-Opinion: Video games and Male Gaze – are we men or boys?  [Gamasutra]

-22 Reasons Why Design Was More Awesome in the 80’s.  [BuzzFeed]

-RVing on Hawaii’s Big Island.  [MotorHome]

-The Biggest Winners and Losers of Comic-Con 2012!  [io9]

-What’s Comic-Con without cosplay? 30 Great Geeky Examples…  [UPROXX] …and 50 Great Feats in Pop Culture.  [1]

-Special Elvis Week fan club event to spotlight plight of USS Arizona Memorial.  [Examiner] [gn_divider]

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