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*Links from May 23 – June 11, 2013

Self Love

-We review a cute new keiki board book Twinkle, Twinkle, Small Hōkū illustrated by Jing Jing Tsong.

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Hawaii Literary

-Coming soon: The Annual (McKinley High School) Friends of the Library of Hawaii Book Sale!

-From 39:00 onward listen to Kerry Inglis talk about Kalaupapa and her book MAI LEPERA.

-Vultures make great librarians apparently. At least, Anpan’s new friend thinks so.

-Here’s an IndieGoGo Project to raise money for a CD of 26 original and unique songs inspired by the late Wayne Kaumualii Westlake’s poems.

-Linda Nagata’s The Dread Hammer is on sale for only $2.99.

-Writer Craig Santos Perez muses on why rice matters. Here’s part one of two.

-Menehune present the Hawaiian Easter Bunny! A post by author J. Arthur Rath III.

-Writer Donald Carreira Ching discusses the closing of Borders and end of the Honolulu Weekly.

-One thing you can always guarantee, somebody out there will do a new review of Molokaʻi by Alan Brennert.

-May winners in The Great BR Year of the Snake contest.

General Literary

-Are these the most essential epic fantasy novels of all time? A summary of five different lists.

-The age old question: Traditional publishing or self-publishing? How about a third route?

-25 signs you’re addicted to books.

-Sometimes you just need to ask yourself if your novel has too many characters.

-NSA surveillance, as told through classic children’s books.

-Ringo Starr pens a children’s book to be called Octopus’s Garden.

-Here’s ten books for your beach bags: summer must reads from EW.

-Feeling hungry? Here’s 10 great novels for food lovers.

-Did you know Dorothy Parker has a drunken tattoo? Her and 10 historical titans with surprising tats.

-Harper Lee, author of To Kill A Mockingbird is forced to sue to regain the copyright over the book.

The future is no fun: self-publishing is the worst. A three-time published author goes through the difficult rigors of suddenly being self-published.

-After years of bad news and dire predictions, traditional publishers and booksellers sound surprisingly cheerful.

-An obvious but useful writing tip for fiction: edit out the filter words!

-The five greatest books with psychotic fanbases!

-Do you have the same problem as us? Too many books? Here’s 35 Things To Do With All Those Books.

Should you use pop-culture references or brands in your novels and the potential legal ramifications of doing so.

-Publishers…they should invest in authors and not just books.

-The avant-garde art of Japanese book-stacking.

-Here an author presents 25 things you should know about YA. It’s not a genre!!

Winnie the Pooh defends Apple in e-book pricing argument.

Vintage photos of famous authors writing and 11 kickass literary heroines.

Non-Lit Links

-A new partnership between Civil Beat Hawaii and Huffington Post called HuffPost Hawaii is coming soon.

-Sadly, the Honolulu Weekly sees its last issue this week as reported here (on HuffPost) by Mindy Pennybacker.

-So we have a face to the infamous NSA spying scandal (though Google and Facebook deny voluntary participation) and he at one point lived in Hawaii.

-One of the biggest TV events for Misty and I happened recently: the return of Arrested Development! To celebrate, here’s some of the best season 4 visual gags, every chicken dance in gif form, a great Season 4 review from Vulture, spoileriffic reasons Pajiba loved Season 4, and the first of many episode breakdowns by UPROXX, and finally what to watch now that you’ve burned through every episode.

-The other big TV event was the airing of the “Red Wedding” on Game of Thrones. Been waiting years for this moment and holy shit!! Still shocked me! Some goodies: IGN review; TIME review; GIF recap; Dread vs. Shock, two reactions; and the best tweet reactions.

-Vulture picks ten of the funniest SNL skits of the past season.

-Music lovers: a map of every street, town, and city Bob Dylan sang about.

-If the tables were turned on gender writing: The 10 Best Male Rappers of All Time.

-Yo VIP! Peep this: Bun B’s Jumbo Coloring and Rap Activity Tumblr. Great for kids!

-I like beer. Here’s the best craft brew in each of the 50 states AND 25 breweries to watch for in 2013.

-Requisite rasslin’ link: Really cool (PDF) chart of the NWA World Title lineage.

-Have you seen the new Alaska Airlines plane with a Hawaii-inspired design from a Kaiser High student?

25 Regional American Foods You Should Know features Hawaii! Guess which plate rep us?

-rare footage of Helen Keller speaking in 1930.

Animal Video

-Bonus: 37 animals having a worse day than you!

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