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Self Love

-Enter for a chance to win a free combo pack including “The Descendants” film on DVD + the novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings.  [Hawaiʻi Book Blog]

-HPU Graduate Creative Writing Survey.  [HBB]

Hawaiʻi Literary

-“Lunching With One of Hawaiʻi’s Real ‘Descendants’ by Lost Kingdom author Julia Flynn Siler.  [Hawaiʻi Island Directory]

-Kauai author Todd Shimoda has a new novel coming out from Chin Music Press called Subduction.  HBB reviewed his last novel Oh! a mystery of ‘mono no aware’  [Subduction the Novel]

-Interview with Kiana Davenport.  [An Ecstatic Discourse]

-Touch of the Irish.  For St. Paddy’s, Watermark talks about the late Bob Dye and his novel Humble Honest Men.  Includes excerpt.  [Watermark Publishing]

-R. Kikuo Johnson is coming out with a new all-ages graphic novel, The Shark King.  HBB reviewed his last comic novella, Night Fisher.  [CBR]

-Q&A: ‘Descendants’ Author Kaui Hart Hemmings on Writing as a Man. [Cinema Stars]

-Gweek 044: Sarah Vowell interviewed about her book on Hawaiʻi history, Unfamiliar Fishes.  [boingboing]

-Read the most recently completed set of renshi poetry about the Massie Affair from the talented poets that brought you No Choice but to Follow.  [Bamboo Ridge]

-Book Review: Malama by DeeDee Baber.  [Going2Oahu]

-Origami Workshop will be Offered at Hawaiʻi State Library.  [Hawaii News Now]

-Hemmings humble after Descendants success.  [HNL Pulse]

-Savant Books Releases David B. Seaburn’s Novel “Charlie No Face” in Multi-eBook Formats. [PR.com]

Double Rainbow Island book event w/ Jerilyn Ito.  [Bob the Camera Man]

General Literary

-Your Brain on Fiction.  [New York Times]

-Barnes & Noble: If You Want Competition, Compete!  [HuffPost Books]

-Users Don’t Know What Libraries Are Talking About, Studies Find.  [Library Journal]

-What came before “The Hunger Games.” [Salon]

-Teacher’s Job in Jeopardy for Reading to Kids from Ender’s Game. [io9]

-Do E-Books Make It Harder to Remember What You Just Read? [TIME: HealthLand]

-Urban Dictionary redefines literature’s biggest names. [the guardian]

-My Life’s Sentences.  [New York Times]

-The Function of “The”.  [Daily Writing Tips]

-Beyond Kony: 5 Essential Reads About Child Soldiers in Africa.  [Good]

-Infographic Overlord (aka Kate Hart) Thrills Us With Epic YA Deals Info.  [YA Highway]

-The beautiful astronaut book Umberto Eco wrote to teach children about semiotics and tolerance.  [io9]

-My literary lifespan project is nearly complete – can you help?  [the guardian]

-Can The Great American Novel Exist?  [HuffPost Books]

-5 days left for Kindle eBooks: The Big Deal.  [Amazon]

-Reading and Gender: A Brief Guided Tour of my MA Dissertation.  [things mean a lot]

-Steve Jobs, Price Fixer?  [Wall Street Journal]

-Why the DOJ’s Potential Lawsuit Over the Agency Model is a Really Big Deal.  [Nathan Bransford]

Non-Literary Links

-Recap of this past Monday’s *NEW* episode of Hawaii Five-0. [Five-0 Redux]

-50 Best to Worst States for Women: The Top 5.  We’re up there!  [iVillage]

-Community is back on TV which means we can finally be fine!  To celebrate: see 27 Easter Eggs hidden on the Community set.  [Vulture]

-Astronomers Discover Rectangular-Shaped Galaxy.  [Technology Review]

-Post Mortem: Walking Dead Boss Dissects Killer Finale, Talks [Spoiler]’s Arrival, ‘Spoils’ Season 3. [TV|Line]

-Completely ridiculous Tumblr.  Yet…can’t help but make me smile.  [one tiny hand]

-Speaking of silly Tumblr’s and The Walking Dead… [Get Out of Here, Carl!] [gn_divider]

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