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Links for the period of September 25, 2013 – October 8, 2013

Hawaii Literary

This is Paradise author Kristiana Kahakauwila on balancing two worlds as author and professor.

-And here is Kristiana on the Drunken Odyssey podcast.

-Comic book style used to tell WWII veteran stories

-Another review of The Red: First Light by Linda Nagata.

-Speaking of which, here’s Nagata explaining How she self-published The Red: First Light. Why is also linked.

-Author Toby Neal asks, “To Kirkus Review or not to Kirkus Review, indie author?”

-Makiki Community Library will receive funding from the state.

Lahaina Library landscape project seeks contributors

-Hawaiian writer Kirby Wright releases futuristic thriller The End, My Friend.

-Importance of Place: Lisa Linn Kanae Visits Writers in Community

General Literary

-Walter White’s “I am the one who knocks” speech as written by other authors.

-E.B. White explains why he wrote Charlotte’s Web.

-A different Kafka.

-It’s time to get rid of Nikola Tesla from science fiction writing.

-New York Public Library Unveils its List of 100 Great Children’s Books of the Last 100 Years

-10 Things Kids Shouldn’t Do According to an 1819 Book of Cautionary Tales.

-The ALA’s Top 10 Challenged Books of 2012.

-What libraries do for us and children’s literacy.

-Want to read other’s thoughts? Try reading some literary fiction.

-What’s terrifying young teens in today’s YA? The economy.

10 Old English words you need to be using.

-Dirty Etymology of 9 everyday words.

-The “fake a disability” trope and why it’s tired and dangerous.

4 Tips to Solve 99% of Your Writing Problems, with Janice Hardy. Hint: POV.

-Diversity 101: Blurring the Lines Between Familiar and Foreign.

-On overcoming doubt as an author.

-The 10 silliest rules of time travel from science fiction.

-42 idiom origins explained.

20 great American cities for writers–that aren’t New York.

Non-Literary Links

-Congrats to Lanai and the gang for winning the Great Food Truck Race. Here’s an interview with the winners. (TV)

-The 10 Best Science Fiction Stories where humans are the monsters. (Pop Culture)

-Every reference in Guillermo Del Toro’s awesome ‘Simpsons’ intro, including famous authors. (Pop)

-It’s about time that Lane Kiffin fired as USC Trojans head coach. #FightOn (Football)

-Time to tackle the Washington Redskins’ racist mascot problem. (Football)

-65 amazing facts that will blow your mind. (Facts)

-Ryan Gosling and Kate Upton explain the government shutdown. (Current Event)

-London’s top ten animal statues! (Travel)

-Breaking Bad’s greatest fashion moments. (TV)

-What Vulture and everyone else wrote about the Breaking Bad finale. (TV)

-Screw it, more BB: Breaking Bad Characters First and Last Appearance Gifs and the Finale’s best meme’s, tributes, and callbacks. (TV)

-Rockstar really did think of everything with Grand Theft Auto V. (Gaming)

-This quiz pinpoints your American dialect down to the town. (Linguica)

-See what the medieval fuss is over knight vs. snail. (History)

Extrusive volcanism formed the Hawaiian Islands. (Hawaiʻi)

-HuffPost queries locals on Hawaii’s Best Hiking Trails. (Hawaiʻi)

-United States of Franks: a guide to regional hot dog styles. (food)

-Phonte compares rappers to TV shows. (Social Media)

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