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Links for the period of August 29 – September 11, 2013*


-Our very own Misty contributed an article for the launch of HuffPost Hawaii! She wrote “5 Misconceptions about Hawaii Literature.”

-Misty gave some surf book recommendations on this blog post honoring Duke Kahanamoku.

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Hawaii Literary

-The next M.I.A. event at Fresh Cafe is on September 16! See who is going.

Q&A: Jack Handey on his new novel The Stench of Honolulu. A fictional Honolulu.

-Rejoice! TinFish Press is the SPD Press of the Month for September. 40% off select titles.

-And a conversation with TinFish editor, Susan Schultz.

Beauty and Lace interview Good As Gone author Douglas Corleone.

-A video interview with fantasy writer, Kate Elliott.

-Teachers, add your students’ uniquely designed books to Lani Moo’s collection!

-Hawaii’s first Facebook: Library digitizes Honolulu Advertiser’s forerunner

Hawaii adult literacy program seeks more students

Richard Rose’s new novel is out from Savant Books.

General Literary

-20 poets on the meaning of poetry.

-i09 breaks down the worst instincts in fantasy writing in this review of The Bone Reader.

13 Children’s Books quotes every adult should know.

-Speaking of which, here’s The Critic’s List of Classic Books for Kids.

Book recommendations for the college freshman.

17 Famous Literary Characters Almost Named Something Else.

-11 Amazing Librarian Tattoos.

-And some innovative libraries transforming the world.

9 scientific breakthroughs that killed science fiction subgenres.

-The most heartbreaking “Winnie the Pooh” comic you’ll ever read.

-The 14 Stages of Writing a Book.

Why teach and study English?

Non-Literary Links

Long Lives Made Humans Human.

-Go Bows! 1977: The Year We Believed.

-What does Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse mean for hip hop?

-The 25 sexiest cars of all time?

Animal Video!

One of our favorite shows is Animal Planet’s ‘Too Cute.’ Here’s an excerpt:

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