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Links covering the week of September 12 – September 18, 2011*

Self Love

-For Book Blogger Appreciation Week we interviewed fellow book blogger, Elizabeth from the blog, “As Usual, I Need More Bookshelves.”  Read the interview here, and then make sure to leave her a comment!  [Hawai‘i Book Blog]

-In return, Elizabeth interviewed Misty from HBB!  Read all about Misty and which two fictional characters she’d put in a room together!  [As Usual, I Need More Bookshelves]

-This week’s featured t-shirt is our “Stuck on Books” shirt…but be sure to check out our entire stock of Literary and Hawaiian language t-shirts!  [Hawai‘i Book Blog]

-Just in time for the Hawaii 5-0 premiere:  He likiki kāu i ka hōʻike ʻana o nā mākala ʻuala? (Do you have a ticket to the [guns] show?) [ʻŌlelo of the Day] #H50

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Hawai‘i Literary

-The renshi poetry on The Massie Affair continues with Juliet Kono and “They Raped Her”  [Bamboo Ridge]

-Local sci-fi author Linda Nagata’s latest, Limit of Vision, now available at Book View Cafe.  Go buy ’em!  [Book View Cafe]

-Donald Carreira Ching reading from the most recent M.I.A. event this past Thursday.  Damn those mopeds! [Still Working…]

-Check out this adorable new children’s book blog.  While it primarily covers non-Hawaiʻi books, she’ll feature a local keiki book for Aloha Fridays!  [Little Paper Hen]

-Great Read: ‘Big 6 publisher drops [local author] Kiana Davenport for self-publishing.’  [Karen Woodward]

-‘Life Lessons on the Dance Floor’: Patrice Tanaka returns to Hawaiʻi with new memoir.  [MidWeek]

-Listen to two interviews with Gerald Horne, the author of Fighting in Paradise: Labor Unions, Racism, and Communists in the Making of Modern Hawai‘i, from KPFK and politicalaffairs.net.  [UH Press Blog]

-A review of self-published author Gerry Stimmler’s latest novel Dropped Dead in Kona.  [TwinCities.com]

-Cute video slideshow detailing the Army Hawaiʻi Libraries Summer Reading Program for 2011. [YouTube]

-In case you missed it the first time: video of the UH Book Bandit. [YouTube]

General Literary

-The Real Names of 18 Authors Known By Initials. [mental floss]

-Some incredibly awesome literary t-shirts. [Out of Print]

-Funny: ‘I’m Comic Sans, Asshole’ [McSweeney’s] (language)

-So absurd, I want to read: “Were Sarah Palin and Barack Obama Lovers?”  [PRWeb]

-A lesson in “Aloha” all the way from Newport Beach. [Newport Beach Independent]

Off Topic (Sense and) Nonsense

-Charles Kaʻupu: A Cultural Icon Passes Away [Lahaina News]

-Amazing resource looking at the history of pro-wrestling in Hawaiʻi. [50th State Big Time Wrestling]

-Maui’s Shane Victorino honored with Branch Rickey Award.  [MLB]

-Alex’s favorite Beatles song, MONO MIX! [YouTube]

-Misty’s favorite Beatles song, MONO MIX! [YouTube] [gn_divider]

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