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Links covering the week of September 19 – September 25, 2011*

Self Love

-We reviewed the children’s book The Legend of the Hula Moose by Christine Sprowl-Tetak.  Check it out!  [Hawaiʻi Book Blog]

-We’re excited for two new literary works coming out!  Lee Cataluna and Victoria Kneubuhl both have novels coming out.  Here, Misty talks about the new books and does a mini-review for two of their previous works, Folks You Meet at Longs and Murder Casts a Shadow.  [Hawaiʻi Book Blog]

-Tuesday’s ʻŌlelo of the Day had a very important question to ask Hawaii 5-0 villain, Wo Fat. #H50  [ʻŌlelo of the Day]

-This week’s featured t-shirt are Hawaiian language Twitter shirts that are fully customizable with your Twitter username.  [Hawaiʻi Book Blog Shop]

Hawaiʻi Literary

-Hawaiʻi State Public Library users can now borrow books on the Amazon Kindle.  [Hawaii 24/7]

-In this author interview on KITV4, Jodi Leong talks with Hawaiʻi’s Pets author Deb McGuire on pet photography, the Hawaiian Human Society, and more. [KITV]

-Kiana Davenport’s publisher demands she stops self-publishing.  A take on this from a publisher.  [Imajin Books]

-In case you missed it, here is local personality and author Wally “Famous” Amos talking with Neil Tepper on “The Creativity Salon.”  [YouTube]

-Here’s a nice write-up on Book Ends bookstore in Kailua by fantasy writer A.A. Attanasio.  [Fantasy Literature]

-Rainbows Books and Records Closing After 24 Years.  [KITV]

-You can still save 25% off your entire order at bookshawaii.net when you buy The Hawaiʻi Book of Rice.  Plus get a free rice paddle with the code!  More info at the bottom of Watermark Publishing’s newsletter:  [Constant Contact]

-Whoa!  A surfing worm?  Yup, it’s The Adventure of Wormee the Worm.  Buy the book here and read the blog.  [The Adventure of Wormee the Worm]

-Honolulu Star-Advertiser* has two articles on Lee Cataluna’s latest book, Three Years on Doreen’s Sofa: [StarAdvertiser], review by Literary Lotus: [StarAdvertiser] *To read these articles requires an online subscription to the paper’s website.

-More or less a summary about The Descendants, the new movie from Alexander Payne and starring George Clooney; based on the novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings.  [Voice of America]

-Honolulu city government spends money on children’s books about sewage.  City says investment is important to education.  [KITV]

-Beach Chair Diaries [YouTube]

General Literary

-Banned Books Week reminds us that censorship is alive and well in The Internet Age.  [Huffington Post]

-While we’re on Banned Books Week, here’s Powell’s list of banned and frequently challenged books.  [Powell’s Books]

-So cool!  Check out this post about children’s books from around the world.  What lovely covers!  [AbeBooks]

-To celebrate a new posthumous book, here’s Shel Silverstein reading from a 1973 animated adaptation of The Giving Tree.  [brain pickings]

-Want to be a children’s book author?  MeeGenius is searching for the next great one.  Find out more about their Author Contest 2011:  [MeeGenius]

-A fun and easy way to find books, share books and meet fellow book lovers.  [Book Crossing]

-A visual history of literary references on The Simpsons.  [The Atlantic]

-The new American divide:  Readers vs. Non-Readers. [The New Yorker]

-J.K. Rowling proclaimed the second greatest influence on reading in the UK.  [Guardian]

-Guest post by blogger Su about “The Ugly Side of Indie Publishing.”  [Videlicet Productions]

-Local book blogger Chas is giving away two books for Banned Books Week.  [LovLivLife Reviews]

-Our book blogging friend, Becky, reviews Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island.  Apt, as we’re heading there in two weeks.  [One Literature Nut]

-Here’s a nifty non-profit that “exposes young children to how great it feels to give back while celebrating the love of a good book.”  Check out their website and cute informational video.  They’ve held a couple events here in Hawaiʻi and Hawaii Literacy is a recipient.  [Milk + Bookies]

-Check out this vibrant picture of a book worm boy by artist Alessandro Vene of Hilo.  Under literary cuz of book worm.  😛  [Allie’s Blog]

Off Topic (Sense and) Nonsense

-Hawaii 5-0 is back!  If you’re not reading it already, check out local writer Wendie Burbridge’s excellent blog, Five-0 Redux; essential reading for Hawaii 5-0 fans, both local and abroad.  Here’s a recap from the season premiere this past Monday!  [Honolulu Pulse]

-Misty and I love this official movie trailer.  Can you guess?  “We’re bringing fluffy back!”  [YouTube]

-Roseanne Barr, who was a featured guest author at the most recent Hawaiʻi Book and Music Festival, had her reality show set on The Big Island cancelled by Lifetime.  [E! Online]

…and your Parting Shot, because the Giants did so well against the hated Eagles this past Sunday:


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