This year’s awards ceremony is gonna be a spectacular event, if you haven’t already bought your tickets… what are you waiting for [get them here]!?

The Annual Ka Palapala Po’okela awards are a big deal for us here at HBB. It’s like the Oscars of local literature, and just like the Oscars everyone has their predictions, and opinions, on who is likely to win.

For the past couple of years, Alex and I have tried to read as many locally produced books as possible. With the help of our public libraries, book stores, and a few wonderful local publishers that generously share their books with us, I can honestly say we’ve read or skimmed every book nominated (note: we haven’t necessarily gotten around to reviewing all the books we’ve actually read). In the spirit of pre-award-show programming, here are our predictions for this year’s Ka Palapala Po’okela winners.

Remember this is a list of who we think will win based on the votes, not an indication of who we would pick to win (you’ll have to wait til after our recap for that). So, what kind of point spread are we looking at here? Just kidding.

Excellence in Children’s Hawaiian Culture: winner will probably be Kohala Kuamo’o
Excellence in Children’s Illustrative/Photographic Books: this one is hard but, we predict Legend of the Gourd
Excellence in Hawaiian Culture: Mai Pa’a i Ka Leo
Excellence in Literature: Anshu: Dark Sorrow
Excellence in Illustrative or Photographic Books: a difficult category to predict but we’re thinking it’ll be Hart Wood
Excellence in Natural Science: Hawaiian Birds of the Sea
Excellence in Nonfiction: Value of Hawaii
Excellence in Design: The Blue Tomato again
We base our predictions off of various things such as: previous hype and media coverage, competition within each category, popular/well known names and people associated with the book, previous winners, what we’ve heard from other readers etc.
What are some of your predictions? Hope to see you all at the awards!