posted by A. Alba

Hawaii Book BlogFirst off, we want to thank everyone who has been reading Hawaii Book Blog and we hope to see you visit more often as we continue to share with you all the wonderful books, authors and literary events here in Hawaii.  We do this site because we have a genuine love for books and love the idea of sharing the wealth of literature from and about Hawaii to everyone near and far.  We also enjoy the people and organizations we have come into contact with since “re-starting” the site in March.  There are so many great authors, publishers and organizations in our State that we would love to highlight.  And to everyone reading this, we want to hear from all of you, too!  Leave us a comment on the site, drop us an e-mail, or give us a shout out on Twitter or Facebook, because we are eager to talk story on books and everything in between with all of you.

Those of you who have visited the site in the past may have noticed that we completely changed our logo and banner to something a bit more original–and much more standardized.  We hope you like the new logo and the new color-scheme; we are so happy with it we have been eagerly replacing our logos on all of our social networking profiles!  We wanted to give a big mahalo to Lindsey Alipio, who came up with the design and color scheme for our new logo and banner.  She was asked to do something  before we did our big “8 books in 8 hours” Rec-fest, and she quickly came up with something wonderful.  Lindsey is a Chapman grad in graphic design currently residing in Las Vegas, so if you want a cool design you should drop her a line.  Thank you Lindsey for the new look!

In the coming weeks we hope to share with you more books and events from Hawaii.  We will review new books, old books, e-books; cover events; feature authors and organizations and much more.  We also are looking forward to giving away autographed books on the blog very soon, so keep following us so you won’t miss out on some free goodies!  And we have a big feature project in our pipeline that we are extremely excited to begin, so stay tuned for that.  In closing, thank you Lindsey, and thank you everyone who is reading this; we hope you like our new look and direction, and *I* hope you’ve enjoyed this “we-we” post.  🙂