bbhs_teaser_smallJust in time for Christmas we received our gift from the Book Blogger Holiday Swap! We mentioned the items that we sent to our secret book blogger earlier in this post. And yay! this weekend we got a box full of goodies from our secret blogger! I was so excited I didn’t even want to eat dinner… just tore right into it when we got home (Alex patiently tolerates my inability to deal with surprises and always having to know how things end in books and movies–before they actually end. And even if I do know how something ends it still doesn’t stop me from crying, getting scared, shocked or startled as if I didn’t already know about it. Same thing with reruns, I still sob like a schoolgirl even though I’ve seen ‘Love Actually’ seventeen times.)

So here is what we got from our secret blogger Wendy Graham from Fayetteville, North Carolina! She runs a personal/book blog called Witch-Baby’s Journey. She’s very crafty, loves bentos, books and music and she gave us the perfect gifts!


Alex and I LOVE finding cool things from local places. Products you can’t just buy in any big box store, but unique things from places we’ve never been to. Wendy sent us some yummy peach preserves and walnuts all made right there in NC! We can’t get these in the 808-state, except through awesome folks like Wendy. She also included the book Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. I had heard positive things about this book when it came out but never got around to picking it up. I’m so excited that I now have a copy to peruse at my leisure. Thanks Wendy!