Filipino-American History Month: A Reading List

by Alex on October 13, 2010

In 2008, the Hawaii State Legislature enacted into law that October will be designated Filipino-American History Month to annually commemorate the contributions of Filipino-Americans to Hawaiʻi and the United States.1  104 years ago in 1906, the first sakadas emigrated …

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“In the Company of Strangers” – JCCH Book of the Month

by Alex on February 3, 2010

Michelle Cruz Skinner’s In the Company of Strangers (Bamboo Ridge, 2009) is the book of the month in February for the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii (JCCH) Book Club. 

Skinner’s book, a collection of short stories published by Bamboo Ridge …

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Book Review – Balikbayan: A Filipino Homecoming

by Alex on November 9, 2009

It was the Marcos regime in the mid-1970s that coined the term balikbayan by joining the Tagalog words balik, to return, with bayan, meaning town and nation. A balikbayan’s relationship to the Philippines is construed in terms of his sentimental

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