Vivekanand Jha (2012 Poem In Your Pocket)

Asleep at the Feet of King Kamehameha

by Capt. Jeff Shattuck

O homeless,
Asleep at the feet
of others
Asleep at the feet
of so called success
frozen in time.

What happened?
Do you wish to draw power
from the past?
To set matters right
in your life?

Would a gift of money
counterwise contribute
To your success?

The passerbys,
Have they learned of your plight?

Do they know of who you are?
my voice expelled, and yet you are
as motionless as the stone.

Your silence describes all,
What will you become tomorrow,
After the osmosis of power?

Will history give you a gift
she has not given to me?

I have worked hard all my life
And never received such.
Perhaps you will,
And thus level the field.

So perhaps,
eye to eye,
on your feet,
we will speak tomorrow.

As a creative technologist, designer, author and illustrator, Capt. Jeff has created billboards to broadcast commercials to corporate identities, formed four corporations, three of which (Creative Intelligence, Inc., Shattuck Marine, Inc., Ocean Tiger, Inc.), he takes a seat on the board of directors. An author and media outlet contributor, Jeff is pleased to be able to contribute to the body of knowledge that belongs to every person now and in the future. Mostly he loves writing and illustrating his childrens books. Visit him on


Song of Patience

by Vivekanand Jha

Sing a song of glee
Even in the hours of grief
Even iron-tree would turn green
Even stony soul would melt like wax.

Live a life of contentment and peace
Prosperity will knock at your door
Opportunity will peep through your window
Flower and fruit of success
Would bloom even in bald courtyard.

Tread the track of truth
Like soldiers march in step
Follow the sayer of sooth
Like shadow to you
Even from soil of sterile
Sun flower would sprout.

Remember when, how
or what you sweat
that pays prize sooner or late
Your eyes would forget
Last time when they had shed tears,
Sigh would fail to remember
When it breathed a relief out of fears.

Learn the lessons of morals
Forget how to sit on laurels
If such be belief of every individual
There will be none orphan or single.

Kingdom of peace and
empire of tolerance
Would be reinstated
No room would remain
for repulsion and reprisal.

Dr. Vivekanand Jha is a translator, editor, and award winning poet from India. He is a contributing poet to Wavelengths: 2011 Savant Anthology of Poetry which has won first place in the 2011 London Book Festival. He is the author of five books of poetry. He has also authored one critical book on the poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra and edited two critical anthologies on Indian English Novels. He is son of noted professor, poet, and award winning translator Dr. Rajanand Jha.

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