Review Policy

We are primarily nonacademic in review with formal literary critiques only as needed.  We  love books and sharing information about local authors and events and are always excited to hear about new releases or discovering old favorites.  Please note that unless otherwise noted in the post itself, all of the books we review have either been purchased by us or borrowed from friends, acquaintances or a library.

However, we would be more than happy to read and review just about anything relevant to Hawaii (and the greater Pacific) and its authors!  It can be keiki books, e-books, early release or advance reader copies. Please see the following guidelines for additional information:

  • Solicited book reviews will only be done when a sample is provided.  Send us an email to the address below for shipping info.
  • Samples (ARCs/Reviewer Copies) will not be returned and may be used in blog/twitter reader give-aways.  Signed books are always warmly welcomed and appreciated.
  • Books for review will be read as we get to them, HBB has a lot of projects and books to share with everyone!  It’s hard to get to them all at once.  We’ll try our best to review it ASAP, but your patience is greatly appreciated.
  • Negative reviews may or may not be posted.  HBB is a resource for readers who love Hawaiiana; we support thoughtful works of writing on the culture, history and lifestyles of the islands.  We will strive our best to provide honest discussion on the content and value of the books we review.

Send us an email at either of the following addresses:

mlsanico@hawaiibookblog.com aalba@hawaiibookblog.com


Giveaway Guidelines

Hawaii Book Blog often receives promotional copies of books or sometimes purchases extra copies to be signed and given away via our blog and twitter feeds. Whenever we are able, we are happy to give away free books to our readers! Please see the following standards regarding blog/twitter giveaways:

  • Entrants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Giveaways are not raffles or contests, no purchase of any kind is necessary. Just a love of books and a willingness link back to HBB, re-tweet, or comment. 🙂
  • Unless otherwise specified, giveaway winners will be chosen among the pool of qualified entrants completely at random and without prejudice.
  • Unless otherwise specified, entrants must live within the US and it’s territories (for now!).  All giveaways are void where prohibited and the sponsor (if there is one) chooses which countries they are willing to ship to.
  • Winners will be notified via e-mail or private message (if on Twitter or Facebook). If we do not receive a response within three (3) business days, another winner will be selected instead.
  • Upon acceptance by email, winner acknowledges that we may use his or her first name and/or user-name along with town/state on the blog in an announcement that the giveaway has ended.
  • There is no cash equivalent or exchange for prizes (remember these are mostly from us or from authors who have donated books to be given away).
  • Hawai’i Book Blog reserves the right to cancel a giveaway at any time.  Terms of any giveaway also may be subject to change at any moment’s notice.  Honestly, these situations will probably never happen, but we want to make sure that you are aware of the possibility.

This page may be updated from time to time so you’re welcome to check back. If there are special circumstances to a giveaway, details will be given within that specific giveaway announcement post.

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