Novelist author Mary Robinette Kowal is bringing stationery back through a month long challenge to revive the art and practice of letter writing. February 1st marked the launch of “A Month of Letters Challenge.” Kowal hopes that writers and writers at heart will take on the challenge as a fun, creative exercise that could turn into a hobby or maybe even a passion. She writes:

“I have a simple challenge for you.

In the month of February, mail at least one item through the post every day it runs. Write a postcard, a letter, send a picture, or a cutting from a newspaper, or a fabric swatch. Write back to everyone who writes to you. This can count as one of your mailed items. All you are committing to is to mail 24 items. Why 24? There are four Sundays and one US holiday…It’s fewer words than NaNoWriMo.”

Why write letters? Because they’re special, they’re personal and they mean so much more. Read about what inspired Kowal to start this challenge here on her blog.

I agree with her completely, and am only sad that I didn’t find out about this until today! I often have the desire to write letters but can scarcely find the time. This challenge is perfect and I’m quite excited about it. February is the shortest month of the year so it’s not too inconceivable to mail a letter everyday, and it’s the month of Valentine’s when letters, usually of a romantic nature, are often exchanged. So, the cheesy romantic in me loves this idea. But my girlie obsession with collecting cute stationery makes me love this idea even more. I have an abundance of unique letter-sets that I am dying to use on someone. Alex teases me–saying I’m too easy to please because all it takes to make me giddy with happiness is a book or some pretty paper.

So, if you agree that letter-writing is a lost art that should be resuscitated, please join me in the “Month of Letters Challenge” and if you do sign up let us know by leaving a comment so we can cheer you on! I’ll keep you updated on my own progress with pictures, links, and resources…as well as some letter themed posts related to local authors and literature. I’m already behind three days, so I’ll have to write a bunch this weekend and send out five letters on Monday. Wish me luck! Most importantly, I need more people to send letters to, so if you’d like to receive a letter email your address to  I am happy to send a letter or postcard to anyone. 🙂

Follow the challenge on Facebook or on Twitter as #Lettermo. Visit the official website where you can sign-up, post in the forums, download badges and more. Also, check out this “Letter Writing Playlist” that Jason Boog from Galleycat created to help motivate or mood-ivate the participants. They will also be posting letter writing resources throughout the month.