Timeline Hawaii

This new, eye catching book from Mutual Publishing  is one of my favorite releases this year and it just came out in November. I could write sonnets about how much I love this but my other books might get jealous.

Timeline Hawaii: An Illustrated Chronological History of the Islands by Daniel Harrington with Bennett Hymer, editor.

Timeline Hawaiʻi is an anal retentive history buff’s dream come true. I say this with complete awe and respect for what the author and editor have achieved here. I get giddy over timelines. They are deceptively simple as an organizational tool but can also be dynamic and engaging. And just because a timeline is linear doesn’t mean you have to read it that way. Clever layout and book design make it a joy to jump around in this book and anything but boring. Here’s why you want this on your coffee table:

  • Easy to use and informative (with over 1640 facts, events, and profiles) this book covers more than two centuries of Hawaiian history.
  • A concise and entertaining portrait of the people, things, and events that have shaped the islands we know today.
  • Detailed index makes finding what interests you, a snap.
  • Historic vignettes, eye witness accounts, and summaries of significant moments in history add depth to the timeline.
  • Mini-timelines thoroughly detail popular subjects like the monarchy, the plantation and whaling eras, Kalaupapa and more.
  • The vintage pictures really grab your attention and there are over 300 of them on large glossy pages.
  • It’s a valuable reference with details and perspectives that will surprise even the most seasoned Hawaiʻi reader or resident. Perfect for visitors, history lovers, students and more.

There’s a lot to explore in this book and you’ll discover something new every time you pick it up… if you can even get your hands on it since everyone around you will want to look at it too. At least, that’s what happened at MY house. Mom, Dad, aunties and uncles all clamoring “I remember when that happened!” or “I didn’t know that.”

Family party: $300.00
New book: $25.95
Watching my kupuna bond over a book: PRICELESS

It’s an easy conversation starter but my personal favorite part is the mini-timeline focused on “Scholars and Early Publications”. From 1784 to 1928 it covers a few of the notable people and publications that have written about Hawaiʻi. If you already have the book, please tell us what you like about it in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for a closer, inside look at what makes this a ‘must-have’ book!

Timeline Hawaiʻi
Mutual Publishing, 2013
ISBN: 9781939487001